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IT Survival Guide book by David Papp
As the CEO of a busy organization, I fall into the category of the boss who tends to be a little daunted with all things of an IT nature. Often when communicating with IT support personnel, I get the strange feeling that we are not speaking the same language! David Papp's common sense advice certainly helps to demystify the IT world and assists in planning for current and future IT needs. This is a must read for all business owners and provides a wealth of information delivered in an easy to read format.

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Chris Lawrence
Better Business Bureau of Central & Northern Alberta
David Papp's IT Survival Guide provides insight into the culture and inner workings of the IT department, and provides practical and common sense recommendations for corporate managers to better understand how to maximize the benefit of their IT infrastructure investment. This book is an enjoyable read, and written in a fashion that appeals to both non-technical people and techies alike, and contains information that is easily applicable to any size organization.

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Jason S. Lueke, Ph.D., PEng
Arizona State University
Your book is great. Love the progression from general to specific and practical checklist approach to make one a savvy shopper and user of IT services. Well done.

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Business Owner
So far so good, I am not lost. It is written very well for the lay person and from what I have seen so far our Parent company could learn from reading it. Thanks again!

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Business Accountant
Informing management about IT needs is certainly challenging. IT Survival Guide offers excellent advice on how to accomplish this. David Papp's common-sense approach makes this book extremely valuable.

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Samih T. Darwazah
Hikma Pharmaceuticals Company Ltd.
I'm fascinated by the parallels in your field with human diagnostics, and, at least in Psychiatry, the similar need for multi-domain assessment and relatively simple energy expenditures in order to try to prevent crisis management (by avoiding crisis). I've also been educated on technical aspects in your field. I had no idea that there could be virtual local area networks or storage area networks (makes sense). It sounds like you end up doing some Psychiatry in your "soft skills" training and improving communications between the humans (as you point out, also the essence of IT).

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Good simple and concise lots of excellent info!

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Restaurant Owner
The book is great for management... here are the basics, this is what you need to know, this is what you may NOT know but need to, here's how to stay on top of it. It was a good read, and it reminded me that I'm a little negligent on my own backups...

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Independant Consultant


"Good simple and concise lots of excellent info!"

Restaurant Owner

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