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Trust Seen as Critical for IT Outsourcing Success

(Alberta, Canada) - IT executives have identified initial trust as a critical component of business relationship success, according to research published in “Information Systems Frontiers.”

“Without trust, a company and an IT consultant are doomed to failure,” states David Papp, author of “IT Survival Guide: Conquering Information Technology in Your Organization.” “If concerns about trustworthiness exist, corporations are not likely to be willing to share critical information needed to identify IT problems.”

The information commonly shared between IT consultants and organizations are often quite sensitive, according to Mr. Papp. Passwords, confidential files, and trade secrets are just a few areas that are highly sensitive and frequently accessible to IT consultants.

“The key is to find someone in whom you have confidence from the beginning,” David explains. “With rapidly changing technology and a lack of certification standards, finding an IT consultant who is trustworthy and qualified can be a challenge.”

David recommends the following steps to help find an ideal IT consultant:

  • Ask colleagues about their experiences with various IT consultants
  • Examine experience, education and certification qualifications of potential IT consultants
  • Conduct an initial discovery meeting in order to “sample” an IT consultant
  • Ask for and speak to several references with knowledge of the IT consultant
  • Inquire up front about policies on confidentiality and ethical practices

“IT outsourcing makes sense for corporations for a variety of reasons,” David Papp states, “but outsourcing without discernment can impose serious risk. A company that does its homework is likely to trust the IT consultant it chooses, and a productive relationship is likely to follow.”

About the author:

David Papp is an international IT consultant with over twenty years’ experience in IT systems. He is a popular keynote speaker on numerous IT topics. Mr. Papp has a computer engineering degree from the University of Alberta and holds multiple industry certifications.

"IT Survival Guide: Conquering Information Technology in Your Organization" is available on and

("IT Survival Guide: Conquering Information Technology in Your Organization" by David Papp; ISBN: 978-0-9868213-0-1; $19.95; softcover; 6" x 9"; 98 pages; PFH Publishing)



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